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You've suffered through Chuck E Cheese's and you've survived the ordeal of hosting a party in your home. Or maybe you're well past 50, sick of ho-hum birthdays, and are ready to kick butt beating your friends at pinball!

Either way, you're ready for something completely unique and stress-free! Your friends will be thanking you for coming up with the idea, because it's been way overdue for them to hone up on their pinball game.

Highly recommended for ages six to a hundred.

The birthday package includes:

  • 2 hours of event time
  • Free use of all the pinball machines
  • Cleanup by our staff. Leave the work to us!
  • Full use of kitchen facilities for food prep and serving. You can bring your own food or we can take care of the catering for an additional charge.

We offer two Party Packages:
Without food, $18/person, 14-person minimum (you can bring your own food if you'd like, because we have a full kitchen facility).
With 2 slices of pizza and drink, $22/person, 14-person minimum
• If you can't make the minimum number of guests, the minimum cost of renting the space for 2 hours, without food, is $250.

If you're interested in booking a party or would like to learn more, please contact us at 301.384.3802, or email us at


The artfully-designed building housing the pinball party venue is surrounded by a beautiful garden that your guests can enjoy, complete with a massive set of flippers and silver ball. It's a unique venue, sure to inspire memories for years to come!

Whether you're eight or eighty-eight, you'll have fun trying your hand at whichever pinball machine suits your fancy. Or, you can organize a tournament to see who racks up the most points.

Either way, curator David Silverman will be on hand to explain the history behind these incredible pop-culture treasures. Ask David anything you want, he's a walking encyclopedia of American pinball history, pinball art, and the craft of restoring games that might otherwise fade into extinction.

Deposit: A $75 deposit is due 1 month in advance to reserve a date.
Cancellation: Deposit will be returned if we are notified of cancellation at least 2 weeks before the reserved date.
Liability: We request that all patrons treat the gardens, building, and pinball machines with a reasonable degree of respect. If patrons damage property, they will be held liable.

We reserve the right to request that unruly or abusive patrons leave the premises. They will be escorted out by our bouncer par excellence, David Silverman (see photo above).


Go Figure

"Why do people in ship mutinies always ask for 'better treatment?' I'd ask for a pinball machine, because with all that rocking back and forth you'd probably be able to get a lot of free games."
óJack Handy

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