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NPM Named Best New Museum in Baltimore
Baltimore City Paper, 9/19/12

Baltimore revels in its inspirational charm
Miami Herald, 6/11/12

Game Over for National Pinball Museum?
Associated Press, 6/16/11

"National Pinball Museum"
Washington Post, 5/13/11

"They took tremendous abuse," Silverman says with a smile. "I think every game should be played."

"A Real Jewish Pinball Wizard"
Article in the Baltimore Jewish Times, 4/22/11 >>

“Everyone has a story about their favorite machine from when they were a kid or in college,” he said. “The game of pinball is a shared common experience.”

Our Kids Review of the National Pinball Museum
Read it Here >>

Our Kids LLC is the leading online resource guide for families in the DC metro area.

National Pinball Museum Features Lights, Buzzers and a Slice of American History
Daily Qi Visits the National Pinball Museum, 1/7/11

If you take any period of American history and say okay the [19]60s, and you follow the pinball games that were made in the 60s, you would see exactly what took place in the 60s. So besides it being a historic timeline of events, it's an artistic timeline, it's a cultural timeline, and of course its still a game, so the game improved."

The National Pinball Museum is in the News!

View the press release on our grand opening: "One-of-a-Kind National Pinball Museum Set to Open" >>

David Silverman featured on NPR
Listen to the interview, 1/10/10 >>

"These days, when compared to today's violent video games, pinball machines seem retro and almost quaint. Silverman hopes that by inviting young people in to try their hand at his games, he may win over a new generation of players — even if that means new competition."

"Maryland man with 867 pinball machines dreams of opening museum,"
Article in the Washington Post, 1/2/10 >>

"This is America, and we're losing more and more of" our history, Silverman said. "We need a place where we can keep [pinball] as a permanent record. A museum is a way to do that."...In Silverman's mind, pinball could be a gateway to much more learning. Besides art and history, the mechanics of design and the physics of motion are evident on each playing field."

"Pinball News" featured an excellent review of our museum. Read the article >>

According to Pinball News:
"It's probably the case that the National Pinball Museum has not had the recognition it deserves. David has built up an extraordinary collection of machines and created an equally impressive home to house them.

It should certainly be part of any pinball enthusiasts visit to the Washington/Baltimore area and his aims to expand both the size and the ambitions of the Museum is worthy of both our applause and our support."

David F. Silverman recently appeared at the Smithsonian's American Art Museum

He gave a lecture entitled, "PINBALL: The Art of Interactive Entertainment"

Check out a video of the event >>

In coordination with the Smithsonian show, "What's it all Mean: William T. Wiley, in Retrospect," David Silverman, curator of the National Pinball Museum, presented a lecture on pinball history at the American Art Museum, October 31st.

After the lecture, people had a blast playing several rare pinball machines, including:

Slick Chick (Gottlieb, 1963), Metro (Genco 1940), Indiana Jones (Williams 1993), Criss Cross A-Lite (Genco 1934) Star Gate (Gottlieb 1995) Nugent (Stern (1978), Road Show (Williams 1994) Square Head (Gottlieb 1963), and Saratoga (Williams 1948)

Square Head Closeup

Slick Chick Backglass

"Maryland Man Creates Pinball Heaven,"
View Video on FOX NEWS 5>>



Go Figure

"Why do people in ship mutinies always ask for 'better treatment?' I'd ask for a pinball machine, because with all that rocking back and forth you'd probably be able to get a lot of free games."
óJack Handy

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