Chill out music for a game of pinball

Chill out music for a game of pinball with ability to Fallen

Skill games have huge variety in Android® and those who can go to take away a little boredom while we wait eagerly the arrival of that term week (sevenfold) where we can go with colleagues and go for a walk. Video games that accept us take casual games without spending many minutes (60sec) in them, and then continue in your daily chores either toiling or studying.

One of those games is Fallen, which comes with the simple premise of moving a wheel three colors, such as red, blue and green, so combine them with the balls that are falling from the top. Fallen has a touch to a pinball game for those holes there where the balls can sink while crashing to change direction quickly, which puts more meat on the grill to enjoy Him better way. A good game to hang out that continuity desengranamos.

An original way to hang

All that gameplay comes topped by a kind of music (audio) chill out which leads to a rather relaxed game, however both will handle well get nervous as they go through the levels and go complicated thing.

Its gameplay is simple as I have explained, however we can complicate it if we put the wheel with the three colors so that we can give while many balls in two different colors. This with a little practice will be achieved and allow us to enjoy even more than it provides in itself Fallen.

That is why we can imagine a pinball because those gaps that are responsible for changing the direction to go balls to go down the table. Achieved, everything will start to be more complicated as we go levels since the beginning pass to a kind of manual for getting to know each of the mysteries of this casual game.

Chillout music to liven

Fallen is a game to enjoy Him with headphones connected, since their music (audio) is an added incentive to fully enjoy Him. This music (audio) will become more palpable when we use the different powers that can be entered so it all easier. Powers and invulnerability that will allow us to rest for a few seconds (1000 mils) in order to return to the fray with those balls that will fall one after another.

On the technical side, it is quite acceptable in its entirety without excelling in some, perhaps on the soundtrack. And something we can impute is not set to full screen in the games, thus not all lengths of the screen is used. An unacceptable error in these times.

Otherwise, you have it for free from the Play Store with alternative payment € 1.09 to unlock all those powers that you can enter to go collecting coins or points at different levels.


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