Pinball museums in the United States

Pinball museums in the United States

It seems strange enough to be unique, but the reality is not. In the United States remain open several museums devoted to pinball, although some will close soon. In any case, the fever spreads throughout the country.

Today the US Huffington Post reports the next closing Pinball Museum in Baltimore, Maryland. After moving in January from its old location in Georgetown, his manager feels unable to cope with the problems encountered with their lease. This means that from March 3 this collection of gaming machines with more than 600 copies, will no longer be exposed to the public. However its owner, David Silverman, still trying to negotiate another relocation.

The news is sad, and at first seems fatal. One had never even considered the existence of a museum of this kind, but once known piques curiosity. Although not all bad news. And it is that a simple research on the net reveals that America is full of museums of this type. Who knows where it comes from so much passion, but the truth is that there are still many museums pinball reaping success and attracting visitors. And here are some examples:

Pacific Pinball Museum in California: This museum is located on the island of Alameda, between Oakland and San Francisco, and claims to be "a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching science, art and history through pinball organization, and preserve and promote one of the most fantastic pastimes of America. It has been open for 12 years and has an exhibition of some 90 machines, most of which allow free play. The rumor says that its owner, Mr Schiess, other 800 machines hidden in a secret warehouse. Besides pinballs, the museum recreational posters are also on display and temporary exhibitions.

Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas: This collection was born thanks to the contribution Collectors Club Pinball Las Vegas (there are people for everything), it has made available to the public and nonprofit a set of machines whose age is from the 50s to the 90s the collection brings together in a warehouse of 10,000 m2, with no luxuries you the opportunity to enjoy playing. Anything is possible with all machines for 25 cents in the previous at 90 and by 50 cents in the most current. This money goes to maintenance of pinball. The museum is open Monday to Sunday from 11: 00h to 23: 00h.

Silver Ball Museum in New Jersey: Located in Asbury Park, has a collection of some 160 machines whose age also dates back to the 50s The price is per ticket and is more restrictive than in other cases. They are 7.50 per half hour, 10 an hour, 15 for two hours and 20 for all day. Open Monday to Sunday from 09: 00h in the morning, and until 01: 00h on Fridays and Saturdays.

Seattle Pinball Museum: The largest city in the state of Washington (not to be confused with the capital, on the East Coast), a few km from the Canadian Vancouver also has a museum dedicated to pinball. Located in the Chinatown of the city, its collection is about 50 machines and are also available for use. Although you also have to pay for access. The price is 10 single and 15 pass for a whole day entrance. Once inside, play for free. In addition, there serving drinks and snacks. We recommend timetables on their Facebook page as they are a little strange.

Those seeking an entertainment closer to home, know that Germany also has a museum of pinball. It is located in the town of Neuwied, an hour's drive from Frankfurt Airport, and features a collection of 150 machines, the oldest of which is the 30 Open weekends from 14: 00h to 18 00h and adult admission 5 €.


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