Visit the largest museum in Europe Pinball: Flipper-Muzeum Budapest

Visit the largest museum in Europe Pinball: Flipper-Muzeum Budapest

After a long absence from the blog, I return to write an article really weight, at least for me, I spent two long evenings without stopping to play pinball, among more than 130 machines!

I have to confess that I really was by chance, it was even more exciting, the idea was to spend Easter tourists in Budapest, and it was my sister who discovered the site. I figured nowhere near what I would find: A real paradise pinbalero with machines of all kinds, from its beginnings in the late nineteenth century to the latest models of Stern, one of the few houses that are still manufactured. For one example, here's the first pinballs, also called "bagatelle" and quickly adopted by Americans were building similar to those of children with clothespins, small nails and marbles.

The museum is in a industrial basements very "retro" with roof and brickwork brick, poor lighting so you do not bother to play, and each machine with a sign above indicating manufacturer, year of manufacture, country of origin, title etc. but if you want to know more, you can ask him the architect of all this is none other than Balázs Palci, or any of its collaborators who are walking around local and kindly explain what you want to know. Here's a picture of me with Balázs, a great guy with whom I talked a long time and already warned that he would write an article on our blog of the association.

If there was a particularly nostalgic moment for me was being able to play pinballs 50s, 60s and 70s that had played as a child, with that typical noise "bells" and the peculiar start of the rollers of the markers putting to zero, below the video Criterium 75, a machine than a summer child 8 years old, I saw as settled, brand-new, in the bar next to my grandmother's house where he spent the summers. 10 ptas. 1 game and 5 hard in March.

The first afternoon fueros 3.5 hours, and the second to 24 hours of returning home, 4 whole hours, both with my partner and the second day with someone else who prefers to remain anonymous. Do not let puppet head (ie without testing machine). And not only live by bread man, he had this relic of game to which I could not help playing.

Well if you like pinballs, this is a must-see that you can not miss under any circumstances, well now that there are direct flights from Ryanair, Vueling and Wizzair you going out for two hard, lodging and eating there is nothing expensive . In addition inflates the cost of playing is more than reasonable: 500 guilders entry (view only) and if you add 2,000 more you can play your fill (total 8 and few euros from 16h to 00h if you like). Down here a trio of aces pinball lovers will guess although the letters are not read.

To get there is not a problem, because it is very close to the largest shopping center of Budapest, the West End City Center at the stop Ferenciek Tere metro, a 5-10 minute walk from the museum. Here beside our classic Fish Tales (that ours has its "topper" with fish on the head) and the Circus Voltaire who once had my brother and inflate us to play.

I could go on writing more but you do not want to spend, what we do is that I say: do not miss !!!

Below is a farewell video of four minutes in which go around the museum, so a bit hasty but very illustrative of what is there.


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