The 3 Best Pinball games you can play on your tablet [Android]

Best Pinball games

The 3 Best Pinball games you can play on your tablet

Pinball games have always been difficult to recreate on a computer. Although there have been some good incarnations, the lack of direct interaction is a sore point for pinball on consoles and PC. Playing on a keyboard is not the same as the real thing. The tablets, however, can put you much closer to the traditional pinball game experience - which is probably why there are so many pinball games for Android. Most of these titles are repairable, but only a few manage to recreate the excitement of a real pinball table. Zen Pinball HD

I do not want to waste time, so I'll start with the best. Zen Pinball HD. If you only have time to play a game of pinball, this is the one to play. Why? All. I'm serious. Zen Pinball does everything better than not only other pinball games, but also most other Android games. The graphics are beautiful, the tables are intricate and detailed, the controls are perfect and even the sound design is top-notch. Incredible production values ​​and fun game play with the assistance of a wide variety of branded tables. Players start with single layer warlock, but then can pass Star Wars and Marvel themed tables along with several original songs, as paranormal and fantasy epic. I played real Star Wars and Marvel Pinball games in arcades, so believe me when I say that these digital tables are more fun to play than physical counterparts.

There is only one drawback of Zen Pinball. Price. You can download the game and play Sorcerer's Lair for free, but additional tables ranging from $ 0.99 to $ 1.99. The purchase of each table for a total of $ 30, although most players only have to buy two or three additional tables. Zen Pinball HD will run on Android 4.0 or later. You can also play sequel of a multitude of consoles including PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii U. Pinball Arcade

This is the other great pinball game for Android, and a totally different approach is needed. While Zen Pinball HD focuses on the development of a new flipper amazing experience, Pinball Arcade attempts to bring traditional pinball for your tablet. Literally. The tables in this game are not new creations but rather charming virtual recreations of reality ported to your tablet. As far as I know, the tables are direct 3D scans of the real thing, and also including original audio. The game itself is pretty good, too - the physics are own, detailed graphics and, though often a bit ugly functional interface. Newcomers may find this intimidating game, however, because it is not designed with the virtual game in mind. The tables carried in this game earned money through the quarter game, so it makes sense for them to be relatively hard. You will have a real dedication to the best challenges here. And if you thought Zen Pinball might be expensive, good, Pinball Arcade could change his mind. The basic game is free and comes with a table and additional tables can be played in test mode (which lets you play to a certain score). But once they start buying will disburse $ 2.99 to $ 3.99 per table. You can save money by buying packages, but still, the game can become expensive over time. You need Android 2.2 or newer to play Pinball Arcade. Pinball HD

This game was ported to Android Nvidia Tegra to display original hardware company. That means it's a little old by the standards of today, and has not been updated, but the game still looks good even when compared with Zen Pinball HD. Because it focuses on graphics, the camera focuses more closely on the tables and action. This makes the game easy to play on smartphones and smaller tablets, although if you wish, you can change the view of a camera up and down more traditional. Pinball HD also benefits from being a complete package. At $ 2.99 is the only game here that you can not play for free, but comes with the three tables available, each with its own theme. The game actually turns out to be better than any of Zen Arcade Flipper Pinball or value. You need Android 2.2 or later to play this game. Although optimized for Tegra, another Android device can play the game of pinball. Bonus Round: Hyperspace Pinball

Despite the name, I dare not call this game a pinball as it takes the idea a little new direction. Instead of using tables, each with different themes, there is only one table in advance levels and score points. Each level adds new elements to the table that increase the challenge, but also opens up new opportunities to earn an even higher score. This unique idea is coated with a style of geometric art and various extras to give life to the game. For example, the gaming table is unclear - instead it is filled with geometric shapes that move. Hitting them earn points, but also stop the cold pinball, which makes them a goal and an obstacle. The game even includes bosses that must be defeated, keeping his pinball game. Hyperspace Pinball has some flaws. Physics is rudimentary, basic sound design and technical problems occasionally interrupt the game. The game is 100% free, however, and a refreshing take on the idea of ​​a digital pinball game. Anyone with Android 2.1 or higher must give it a try. Conclusion I think these pinball games are champions of gender in Android. You can find more information on our list of the best games for Android too. Do you have a favorite that I did not count them? Sound off in the comments!


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