Pinball machines: The collection's never sick view

Pinball museum

Pinball machines: The collection's never sick view

Hungary is located in the collection of pinball machines bigger and sicker than you can imagine. An arduous task that two citizens have been given the task of developing in a cellar in Budapest.

We will have to travel to Budapest just to enter the largest museum or flipper pinball machines, as they are also known. Balasz Palfi is the creator and obsessed collector of the machines at the Hungarian Museum of Pinball or PBAL Gallery. It has more than 130 pinball machines and opened in April 2016.

As part of the campaign to publicize the site, there have been international competitions of this bright and noisy entertainment. In the museum they perform repair work, as the lack of spare parts is the main competition in place. Switches, nonexistent pieces

have to send to and adaptation of old objects adapted to modern pinball machines.

These petacos or milloncete, as they are also said in some places, was very popular between 1970 and 1980, but now collectors around the world scrambling to have the classic pinball machines of yesteryear.

History of pinball machines

roanoke museum pinball

In the eighteenth century in this bustling France, a game called Bagatelle, which was famous in Europe emerged. It was a flat board with holes where it was guided a ball that determined its route. In the nineteenth century in the United States, wooden ceilings had previous versions, were replaced by metal nails and he started calling pinball.

Were two engineers from Automatic Industries, Arthur Paulin Whiffle and David Gottlieb, who between 1930 and 1940, endowed of electrical mechanisms pinball machines, to reach pretty designs and technological models as we know them now. The aim of pinball is to achieve the highest possible score points by hitting and entering parts of the table through the "kickers" to the sides of the table.

Space Cadet Pinball for Windows XP and 7

Some will remember the Space Cadet Pinball which was quite popular as Windows XP preinstalled game and 7. An addictive design forcing spend hours sitting moving balls of the digital machine on the screen. It is one of the nostalgic memories we have of those versions of the Microsoft operating system.

Pinball today

As the owner of this museum, pinball machines are still sought after and there is a variable market sale of such objects. They come in all ranges, cheap usually provide a fairly simple and practical with little lighting and system complexity, as the price goes up, the machine brings more changes and become more competitive.

Can be produced pinball machines at home, there are several tutorials on the Internet and YouTube, to take step by step making a home machine, whether for children or adults.

There are machines that have complicated tricks to pass levels, some users are dedicated to transmitting tricks for tables, as what targets to hit more often, places where you have to enter the ball and combos effective to increase the score of the game.


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