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Our Mission The Museum The Curator What's New Links Contact Us Sponsorship
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Progress of the New Building

I have to say that our new building has taken longer than I expected or wanted.

Due to the location of our new building, everything—including the excavation—had to be done by hand.  Yes, by hand—a shovel and a wheelbarrow.

We started off thinking that the foundation was just going to be a crawl space but once we started digging, we didn’t see any reason why it couldn’t be a basement for more storage.  You can never have enough storage space when collecting pinball games for a museum. It will also house the heating and air-conditioning systems, as well as all the piping for the other buildings that need the heat and air for winter and summer use. 

Once we stopped digging, we had a 6-foot high basement with a concrete floor and waterproofed walls.

Once the winter snows and spring rains finally stopped, we were able to finish the basement slab and first floor decking.  The walls went up rather quickly,  but upon late delivery of the roof trusses the spring season had begun. It took us five more weeks to get the building under roof and shingles.

We are currently waiting for the windows and doors so that it will officially be ready for framing inspection by the county officials.

If we didn’t mention already, this addition will of course house pinball games.  But more importantly, it will include bathroom and kitchen facilities as well as tables for fundraising parties. Visitors are always welcome by appointment. Please or call us at 301.384.3802 to schedule a visit!

Remember, these are only temporary quarters for the National Pinball Museum.  Your contributions and donations will help us further the progress for our final home.





Go figure...

“If a movie is described as a romantic comedy you can usually find me next door playing pinball.”
—George Carlin


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