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PRESS RELEASE 10-13-2011: Baltimore's Inner Harbor is Now the Pinhead's Paradise

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CONTACT: Tiffani Huskey
Director of Operations
[email protected]

Baltimore’s Inner Harbor Is Now The Pinhead’s Paradise

(Baltimore, MD, October 13, 2011) – National Pinball Museum has secured a new location near Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.  The Chocolate Factory, a 12,000 square foot; four-floor historic building located at 608 Water Street will house the Museum’s one-of-a-kind collection of pinball machines and exhibits. The Museum is anticipating opening in their new location by mid-November and will begin pre-selling tickets on their website soon.

Museum Founder, David Silverman, says about the move to Baltimore, “The residents of Baltimore are on pins and needles waiting for us to open.  We are working swiftly to unveil a few exhibits right away.  We will continue to fundraise with the hopes of launching our full-scale programming in early 2012.”

Tiffani Huskey, Director of Operations, adds, “The welcome we’ve received from Baltimore has been overwhelming. We are honored to become part of a community that values the art, history, and pastime of pinball. We’re looking forward to building partnerships with local organizations and businesses to launch our Education and Community Outreach Program as soon as possible.” A key component of the Museum’s mission and what sets it apart from other pinball organizations is their Education and Community Outreach Program, which uses pinball as an engaging medium to present international history, art and culture from a unique perspective, and to provide training in electronics, visual arts, woodworking and machine restoration.  The Museum is seeking funding to provide scholarships to prepare low-income youth and adults for lucrative careers in machine repair and restoration, as well as electronics, technology, and carpentry.

National Pinball Museum will feature over 100 machines on exhibit in their galleries. In the Museum’s interactive play exhibit visitors will be able to play machines ranging from classic, vintage woodrail games to modern, solid state machines. The Museum will announce its opening date and hours of operation on their website, Twitter feed and Facebook page.

For more information about the Museum and its collection, visit


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"Why do people in ship mutinies always ask for 'better treatment?' I'd ask for a pinball machine, because with all that rocking back and forth you'd probably be able to get a lot of free games."
óJack Handy

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